Admirals Crewing Agency integrate crew manning services to large multi-national clients in carefully targeted marine industry sectors.
Admirals Crewing Agency can provide solutions to all range of Deck/Engine officers and ratings, auxiliary crew, engineers, repair teams, shipyard qualified and certified workers.
More than two third of our deployed crew is recurring by the rotation systems, successfully implemented together with our principals, over long years of partnerships.

We provide crew within a global framework of major Service Lines:
1. Cargo ship sector (Tankers, Containers and Bulk Carriers)
2. Passengers and Yachts
3. Offshore industry
4. Shipyards

Quality Matters
• To exceed expectations
• Set the industry benchmark for quality and service delivery
• Pro actively seeking our partners view
• Top management fully engaged in all partners related servicing
• We enjoy the challenge of changes
• Our customers find working with us easy and pleasurable
• Quick respond to any circumstantial changes
• We share common values
• Committed to quality

From simply providing one seaman or up to full crew of any type and size of vessels, we always adjust our procedures to owners’ needs and fulfill their requirements regardless the size of the business.

Close relationships with all ship owners’ and managers’ departments enhance smooth sailing of vessels in regards with crew matters. Our optional all-inclusive Crew Management scheme is aimed to provide freedom-of-mind to the ship managers for all the drew operations related with the selection, deployment and successful completion of seafarers contract of employment, such as:
Crew availability:
High Rank Officers
Officers in charge of watch
Ratings in charge of watch keeping
Auxiliary crew
Cadets Deck & Engine

Crew employment preparation:
Contract, application, I.S.M. Forms and any other documents requested
I.S.M.-S.S.M. Policies debriefing
Application for Flag certification
Flag certificates issuance
Medical examination by certified medical Centers
any VISA arrangements
Any Vessel agents attendances

Crew Training & Certificate debriefing
Cadet ashore Training
Cadet on board Training
Dynamic positioning certification attendance
Engine simulation training
Deck simulation training
any IMO certificate debriefing

Associated services:
Salary administration & crew allotments
Medical claim handling with P&I and seafarers
Primary insurance expenses (usual P&I deductible)up to US$10.000,- max
Crew Ticketing/Travel arrangements including repatriation
Local transportation within country of Origin
Social security system (if any)
Romanian Union fee (if vessel under Union contract)
Romanian licenses, and seaman’s book issuance
Working clothes & safety equipment
Crew attendances by our designated Port Cpts. or Supt. Engs.

Retention system
IMO certificate debriefing program
On line access to pool of seafarers database
Rotation system follow-up
Incentives administration (rejoining, stand-by bonuses, etc…)