Quality Policy

Through Quality Management System  designed, implemented and maintained in organization, Admirals Crewing Agency ensure that all activities developed within the company , activities that take part from field of activity, unfold controlled, according with provisions of legal requirements, technical regulations in force and customer requirements specified in contractual provisions.

Admirals Crewing Agency ensure organization and conduct processes so that delivered services  to comply with the follow management commitments:

  • There are from the object of activity of the company
  • Satisfy customer’s requirements
  • Comply with legal requirements (national and international legislation, standards, norms, etc.)
  • Are subject of continual improvements

To implement these policies and for achieving of own objectives set and approved, Admirals Crewing Agency has designed, documented and implemented  own Quality Management System, according to SR EN ISO 9001:2008 and MLC 2006 , system that maintain and improves it continually.

Top Management of Admirals Crewing Agency is committed to provide the necessary  , technical , logistical and organizational , as well necessary resources for establishing , reviewing and implementing of management policies and own objectives.

The policy in Quality field (Quality Policy) is communicated and disclosed to partners ( including clients , suppliers) and to company’s employees.


Managing Director