Admirals crewing Agency is fully commited to include the quality in all processes’s phases , to offer constantly ,its customers , services at high standards. The company is commited to improve continualy  organizational performance and to rise eficiency in services’s providing in order to meet its customer’s expectations.


Through full satisfaction of all requirements and waitings of our customers and through compliance with all legals requirements national and international applicable, Admirals will became not only a provider for customers, but a truly realible partner.


  • Integrity-we are acting with honesty and honour without to compromise relations with partners and without deviating from compliance with legal relutions, national and international.
  • Innovation-we consider innovation as the key of continuous improvement of our processes and our services for customers , for continued growth and profitability of the company.
  • Performance- we are striving to improve continous the results obtained throug measuring and monitoring activities and processes in order to achiev their eficiency.
  • Work in team- we are convinced that the achievement of the objectives and continuous growth can not be achieved without an efficiency collaboration between employees.

Respect for employees-we recognise that our employees are one of the most important resources and we are proud to treat them with respect and demnity, givind them the recognition that they deserve.