Business Ethics

Business ethics and compliance

We will deal honestly and adhere to high ethical standards in all business activities. This is how we earn and keep the trust of each other, our customers, shareholders and everyone we impact with our decisions and actions.

The company invests in mandatory ethics and compliance training, outreach and monitoring to ensure our employees meet our high standards and comply with applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate.

Quality and Operational Excellence

We  strive  for  a  system  of  continuous  improvement  to  better our operating efficiency, asset reliability, safety performance and environmental  protection.  Our  Quality Management System  serve to document the processes by which we will conduct our daily operations and to provide a means of assuring consistent performance through the management of change. We are committed to excellence in our operations, communications, teamwork, personnel. We stand ready to learn, grow and improve to better serve our customers and differentiate our Company from our competitors.

Customer Relationships

Strong customer relationships provide superior financial returns, stability and high asset utilization rates that benefit both our shareholders and customers. We     provide our customers with trained and competent seaferers, workers. Our goal for quality and operational excellence         cultivates mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers and parteners.

Supplier Relationships

Our company seeks and prefers to work with vendors who meet their obligations in a timely and effective manner while sharing our values, demonstrating high standards of ethics and integrity in all business dealings and complying with all applicable laws, regulations and rules.


Attitude towards business and associates

Conduct of employees should be based on mutual confidence and respect of dignity of every individual in working environment. The confidence, open communication, liability and respect are keys to everyone success.

  • to carry out obligations with personal liability
  • to avoid conflict of interest
  • to protect Company’s assets and information
  • to use Company’s information technology adequately and appropriately with reference to Company hierarchy
  • to manage and keep business records
  • to show cooperation towards colleagues in order to achieve final objectives
  • to maintain safe, healthy and productive working environment


We, at Admirals Crewing Agency are all committed to equal opportunities for every individual regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity, education level, religion.

Professional development

Employees must aim for continuous professional development and competence.

Top management will encourage any aspiration for further development and improvement with providing education, training and promotion opportunities with prospects of professional improvement for all employees.

Attitude towards candidates

It is strictly forbidden to charge provision for the services we provide to our users. Employees and management members will not ever behave immoral, illegal or indecent for candidates, clients, partners, authorities, or other third parties.

  • Every employee will treat all candidates polite, with correctness, professionalism and with respect. We must treat others just like we want others to treat us.
  • Evaluation and selection of candidates is based solely on candidates skills and capabilities needed for the job he has applied
  • Information about gender, marriage status, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation are not considered relevant in the selection process
  • Candidates should receive all necessary information on selection and recruitment process
  • Our company’s database including CV’s and other relevant documents are collected exclusively via application form through registration on our website.
  • Candidates registered on our website should be greeted at least three days upon registration with thankful note for choosing our agency and that they will be informed accordingly
  • Candidates must provide the agency with all necessary, valid and updated data
  • Candidates that are suitable for the job shall have an individual interview. If this interview is not possible in person, that the Company will use the Skype platform, with video calling.
  • Candidates who have been interviewed will be informed of the results of the interview, no matter what these results are.


Discrimination & Harassment

The working environment created by our Company, promotes equal employment opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices, including harassment (sexual, physical or verbal).

Employees and candidates will be judged on the basis of their behaviour and qualifications to perform their jobs, without regard to race, gender, religion, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, political beliefs or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws.

Privacy of Personal Information

In compliance with data protection legislation, Admirals Crewing Agency will acquire and retain only personal information that is required by law and for the effective operation of the Company. Access to such information will be restricted internally to authorised personnel.

Employee communications transmitted by the our systems are not considered private. By using the company’s equipment, employees consent to having such use monitored and restricted by authorised personnel.

Internet Usage

Admirals Crewing Agency provides access to the Internet for the purpose of conducting company business only. The Internet can be used for personal use outside normal office hours and during lunch hour.

Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee where Internet usage is considered abusive, unacceptable or illegal.

Substance Abuse

All of the following are strictly prohibited and will be subject to disciplinary action:

  • Being impaired by drugs or alcohol while performing company business.
  • The sale or unauthorized use of alcohol on Admirals Crewing Agency premises / while performing company business.
  • Any employee found using, selling or in the possession of illegal drugs on Admirals Crewing Agency premises / while performing company business.



Company Assets

All employees have a duty to ensure the efficient use of Admirals Crewing Agency assets and to protect them from loss, damage, and misuse. Assets may not be used for personal benefit without proper authorisation. Employees may not perform non-Company work on the Company’s premises or while working on Company time, including any paid leave granted by the Company. Employees are not permitted to use Company assets (including equipment, telephones, materials, resources or proprietary information) for any outside work.

Confidential Information

All employees have a duty to safeguard confidential information about Admirals Crewing Agency. Employees are prohibited from discussing competitively sensitive information, such as pricing policies, contract terms, costs, marketing plans, and other proprietary or confidential information. The duty continues even after employees have ceased their employment with Admirals Crewing Agency. All outside requests for company information should be directed to authorised persons. In compliance with data protection legislation all employees have a duty to safeguard confidential information provided by Admirals Crewing Agency customers and by our candidates, seaferers or other workers. All employees are prohibited from passing on any information to third parties in any format other than as part of their normal duties and responsibilities. Failure to comply with the above will result in disciplinary action being taken.




Admirals Crewing Agency respects the privacy of every employee in the conduct of his/her personal affairs. However, all employees have a duty to ensure that their personal and financial interests do not conflict with, or appear to conflict with, their duties on behalf of Admirals Crewing Agency. Employees must be able to perform their duties and exercise their judgements on behalf of the Admirals Crewing Agency without impairment by virtue of an outside or personal influence.

Outside Activities

Employees and management members of our Company may not work for or receive compensation for their services from any competitor, customer, distributor or supplier. Similarly, employees may not serve on the Board of Directors of another company or government agency without the advance approval of our company’s top management.

Employees who start their own business or take on additional part time work (with organisations that are not competitors, customers, or suppliers) must notify their department head. Employees may participate in civic, charitable or professional activities provided the activities do not interfere with the employee’s responsibilities to Admirals Crewing Agency. Employees may not use our Company’s name to lend weight or prestige to an outside activity without prior permission.



Employees (and their family members) may not have financial interests in any competitor, customer, distributor or supplier where this would influence, or appear to influence, their actions on behalf of the Company.

Family Members & Close Personal Relationships

Admirals Crewing Agency does not discourage relatives from working for the Company. However, employees should not normally supervise or be in a position to influence the hiring, job responsibilities or performance assessment of a close relative.

Employees who have family members or friends that work for businesses seeking to provide goods and services to the Company may not use their personal influence to affect negotiations.

Employees who have relatives or friends that work for competitors should discuss difficulties that might arise and appropriate steps to minimize any potential conflict of interest with their department head.

Corporate Opportunities

Employees may not avail of, or give the benefit to any other person or organisation, of any business venture, opportunity or potential opportunity that they learn about in the course of their employment and that is in the Company’s line of business, without first obtaining the Company’s consent. It is never permissible for employees to compete against the Company, either directly or indirectly.


Related Party Transactions

A conflict of interest may exist where an employee conducts business on behalf of Admirals Crewing Agency with a family member or with an entity in which they or a family member plays a key role. Family members include spouses, children, parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, step-relationships, in-laws and significant others.

Insider Trading

Admirals Crewing Agency’s employees must not disclose non-public information to any other person. All countries have laws prohibiting the buying and selling of shares using material corporate inside information that is not yet available to the public. Severe penalties can be imposed on employees, their families and recipients of this insider information. Any employee who engages in insider trading will be subject to immediate termination of employment. This restriction also applies to trading in the securities of any other company based on inside information acquired as a result of employment with Code of conduct and business ethics or from some other business association with our Company.



Admirals Crewing Agency employees are required to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. They are also responsible for complying with requirements of any contracts that have been entered into with other parties. Any suspected or actual violation of any applicable law / regulations or contractual undertakings should be reported immediately to the employee’s department head.

Employment Laws & Regulations

Admirals Crewing Agency is committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all employees and abides by employment laws in the countries in which it does business.

These laws prohibit loans and guarantees of obligations in the case of a Company’s directors and executive officers. Therefore it is Admirals Crewing Agency’s policy that loans will not be made to employees.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

We place the greatest importance upon our reputation for honesty, integrity and high ethical standards. We have a fundamental commitment to comply with all applicable laws, foreign and domestic, governing the conduct of our operations worldwide. This commitment includes laws against bribery and corruption.

The foundation of anti-bribery laws is the prohibition against the payment or offer of payment of anything of value in order to assist in obtaining or retaining business or to secure any improper advantage.


Our Mission

Admirals Crewing Agency is fully committed to include quality in all his processes stages in order to constantly offer to his clients the best services to highest standards. The company is committed to continuously improve organizational performance and increase efficiency in providing services to meet its customers’ expectations.

Our vision

By fully satisfy all the requirements and expectations of our customers and respect all applicable national and international legal requirements, Admirals Crewing Agency will become not only a provider of customer service, but a truly reliable partner.